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Below you will find some of the projects Firefly Guesthouse work with, to achieve our common goal of benefiting our local community. If you would like more detailed information please let us know, or if you would like to visit some of the projects we are happy to help you with arrangements.

The White Bicycle Project

By renting a white bicycle, your money will support selected schools in the rural areas of Siem Reap Province and provide water filters and clean drinking water to these villages.

The Love Cards

By purchasing a Love-card you are contributing to help educating children in the schools in Siem Reap Province, providing free art classes. Sent a love-card home and contribute to subsidize educational programmes.

Together for Cambodia

Their mission is to provide a safe home, education and compassion for disadvantaged Khmer children of all ages, to help them to grow up to become responsible adults able to make a positive contribution to their community.

To help disadvantaged families in the community to be sustainable through providing women with vocational training and employment in a sewing workshop.

Donations are accepted, if you wish you can also help them by bringing or even better, buying at the local market some things they need. We have a basket in our reception where you can deposit them or if you want, we can arrange a visit for you to drop it yourself.

My Grandfather’s house

My Grandfather’s House, or ‘Pteah Ta Knyom’ in Khmer, provides free supplementary education and capacity building for the local children and villagers of Sampov Lourn Village in Kralanh - a little village in rural Cambodia.

Many travelers leave behind their belongings when moving from one place to another. Either the backpack is too heavy or it has been filled with new souvenirs, so the old t-shirts or shoes no longer fit in. Most of these things are in perfect condition to be used. 

We have a basket at the reception to collect clothes and other objects that can be useful, as unused and partially used bath amenities, mosquito sprays….

Thank you for your help!